Ascension Vertical Race

Ascension Vertical Race 6.21.2020

Since the inception of Ascension in 2018, we’ve been tossing around the idea of a BIG division.

How big?

As you know, this race has always occurred on the weekend of the Summer Solstice.

Every endurance race needs a “super” division. You know- that division of humans that set the bar for crazy. The ones that inspire you to take it to the next level. The ones you pass along the trail and tip your cap to, because they’ve been toiling for hours and hours before you even start… continuing long after you’re done. These inspirational humans, fewer in number of participants, often become the soul of the race.


“SOUL-stice” Division

On top of our ever-popular 3 and 6 hour options… for 2020 we are happy to announce the “SOULstice Division”. No lift serve. Sun-up to Sun-down, with everyone you’ll run up, and by different trail you’ll run down 🙂


Awards & Perks

ALSO NEW FOR 2020… at the risk of being a little “frilly”…

-Awards for Top 3 Male and Female in each Divison (3, 6, SOUL)

-A special something for first 100 registrants to the event. ALL SOULstice Division athletes get a little somethin’ somethin’.

-Staggered starts for the 3 and 6 hour to eliminate bottle-necking at the summit. A cap of 140 for the 3 hour, and 60 for the 6 hour. No limit on Soulstice Registrants 😉

-To eliminate a melee for registration, there will be no “Day-Of” Registration for 3 and 6 hour divisions. SOULstice may register day-of.



SOULstice Division Reg (No Cap):


FACEMELTER 6hr Reg (Cap of 60):


MOUNTAIN SPRINT 3hr Reg (Cap of 140):